Products & services

Cable systems

Our services include the development and production of electrical systems as well as complex cabling solutions and wiring that function even under the most demanding operational conditions.

Prefabricated cables

  • Connecting cables
  • Adapter cables
  • Flat cables
  • High-voltage cable harnesses
  • Battery cables
  • Instrument wiring
  • Cable harnesses


LEONI cable systems offer you special, individual cabling, suitable for extreme operating conditions, to ensure the long term transmission of energy and signal data.


  • Automotive cables
  • High-temperature cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • Control cables
  • Single-core cables H05, H07

Printed wires

  • of PVC cable
  • of PTFE cable using plasma pre-treatment


  • Partial strip
  • Full strip
  • Tin-plated
  • Crimped terminals


  • ring bundled
  • on PVC coils
  • on cardboard core

System technology and component assembly

In addition to the development and production of pre-fabricated cable systems, we also undertake the complete assembly of your components – from prototypes through to ready-for-market products. We undertake immediate function testing at our works.


  • Master electrics
  • Socket systems/distributors
  • Lighting systems (complete lighting including cables)
  • Dashboards
  • Circuit boards

Distributor and control boxes:

Extensive know-how and system expertise form the basis for the production of customised distributor and control boxes. On request we manufacture plug-in components and perform function testing.

  • Control consoles and cabinets
  • Distributor boxes
  • Switch cabinets
  • Switchboards
  • Customised distribution panels
  • Fuse boxes

Replacement parts & service:

You can simply and reliably order replacement parts for self-assembly from the Special Vehicles Business Unit. Single item delivery is quick and simple – by personal arrangement. Our portfolio includes all the current products. On request, we can also supply replacement parts for former product portfolios.

  • 1-item manufacture
  • Selling of electrical components (connectors, contacts, cables, ….)

Your partner for comprehensive solutions

We focus on providing comprehensive solutions to meet your requirements. The services offered by LEONI fully support your processes and help in reducing their complexity. We provide services to meet your needs along the entire life-cycle your products.

For product creations, our specialists can either join your design team or support them as an external service provider – all according to what you need. This includes the creation of circuit diagrams, production documentation and parts lists.
We build prototypes for your serial production – based on samples or hand-drawn sketches.
We possess a broad range of manufacturing techniques that offer you the highest level of flexibility to meet your requirements.
Project management
Your projects are managed by us on a target and results basis – for either your own or our own teams.
We smoothly and flexibly integrate into your material and information chains.

Benefits to you

  • As your development and system partner, we offer a product value chain that is unique in the cables sector.
  • We help to reduce your assembly times and costs by developing the optimal cabling solution with non-exchangeable connectors and fully pre-assembled components.