Customer Segment Special Vehicles

In-line testing production

Securing product quality in cable assembly

LEONI products are produced according to stringent quality standards. All cable systems leaving our production are first subjected to a 100 percent test on electrical connections and visual features. We also implement individual testing and measurement methods.

Micrograph laboratory (metallography)

  • Micrograph testing with subsequent documentation
  • Software-aided micrograph production and analysis function with information about degree of compression, crimp height, surface/ cross-section calculation
  • Archiving of the crimp results at the customer’s request

Tensile stress test

Like the micrograph test, this is also a destructive test in which the extension force at which the cable detaches from the crimp connection is determined and documented prior to starting actual work.

Final inspection

  • Visual check for obvious defects
  • Assignment and engagement test
  • Electrical check for end-to-end connection (network test)
  • Insulation
  • Dielectric test
  • Four-terminal measurement at the customer’s request
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